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I'm thinking about placing an order with gulf view early next year. I happened to notice they have many Gargonians & Sponges available. Are *any* of these recommended for beginners? I know there isn't much to sponges aside from not letting them touch the air. But I'm still not very familiar with them. I do feed cyropaste regularly.

Sponges :
Pink Boring
Orange Tree
Red Tree
Red Cluster
Red Wall
Yellow Slimer
Yellow Morph Sponge

Yellow White Polyp
Red White Polyp
Purple White Polyp
Natural Brown Polyp

Also, I'm curious about the following items. They don't seem very descriptive aside knowing they are from Florinda. I've never heard of a "basket star" either. Has anyone ordered these and would you recommend them?

*********** *******
Purple large Snails
Star Fish
Basket Stars

i got the yellow morph sponge from's a great looking sponge i got one that is about 12 inches high bright yellow with red's tree like with vertical branches...sort of like a really fat far it has been doing great and have already propped a couple of pieces off the smaller cne stated as long as u r certain that there is an abundant amount of food source for them u can keep them happy....hmmm the only thing i'm worried about is the sponge crab...whenever it sheds it's shell it cuts up more sponges to camouflage itself...kinda cool but am wondering which parts of the big sponge he is cutting up? probably a relative of deco crab family....anyways take a look at your tank when the lights r out and shine a flashlight on the side of the tank and see if they is an abundant amount of pods and plankton floating around if there is on a consistant basis then i think they will do alright....but i'm sure like the blue sponge there are some that r more sensitive to conditions than others....CTEN...funny i've heard from some people who have kept orange and red ball sponges that they r fairly hardy?

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Hi all. I have several sponges in my fish tree, orange tree, orange encrusting. All of these red, orange, yellow and purple critters needs to be fed. They tend to do best in fish tanks were there is likely to be excess food. I feed mine weekly by turning the filter and skimmer off and using a turkey baster to deliver a broth of liquified brineshrimp and seafood in the area around them.
Most prefer low-medium water current, and do not want to be moved once they are established. The super clean reef tank is not the best place for many sponges. Bright light is also offensive to many. Few fish bother them. (Some angelfish are an exception.)

cteno....i currently have the bases of the yellow morpho sponges in the sandbed...should i have them on the rock so that they can attached...they look really good and healthy rite now....they r on my 75 that i feed alot heavier than my food is not an issue...i'm just worried about the placement?

thnx, mike

ps what types r u working with?

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