GFI Doasage


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I have a 75 SPS only tank without a sump. All parameters are fine except I am noticing some color depletion due, I believe, to a rise in Phosphate. I run a seperate canister filter packed with carbon and want to now start running GFO. The question is, can I run both carbon and GFO in the same canister filter????? If not, I have a seperate canister I can rig up solely for GFO. How much GFO should I place in the cannister for a 75 gallon reef that has no sump????
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I just started dosing vodka in my tank, but I was running GFO and carbon in the same reactor. I never saw any problems because of it, but what LISound stated is correct, they do exhaust at different times. I probably went through more carbon than I had to, but that's okay with me.

I don't recall what the exacty what the recommended starting dosage is, but I highly recommend you start with a very small amount then SLOWLY increase it. I think I started with 1 teaspoon for my 40g and added an additional teaspoon every 3 weeks or so until I was up to about 4 teaspoons. I was using GFO pellets from bulk reef supply. If you add too much too fast you will have some serious issues.