Gorgonia frags FS/FT for next meeting

Jens Kallmeyer

New member
I have some Green striped shrooms and some purple shrooms. I have some devils hand frags.

Interested in 1 ca. 5" Purple Lace Gorgonia

Let me know.


I have more Gorgonia frags, this time it is a Purple Plume Gorgonia, Muriceopsis flavida. I have one large frag, shaped like a feather, about 5" long and 2-3"wide, really densely grown. WTT for basically anything that I don't have already.

Best wishes


The gorgonia will get into a new home and I will get a nice frag.
As soon as one of my other gorgonias need pruning again I will let you know. Some branches of the purple lace have almost reached the water surface, that may be the next candidate.
By the way; I do not sell frags, I trade or give away.

Best wishes

Hi Jens,
I'd love to try some of those gorgonia. Let me know when you have some ready. Will you be at the meeting sunday?
JUstin C