Gravity Siphon Fed Carbon reactor trick


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Hey everyone, I came up with a neat trick (ok perhaps someone else has done it as well, but I did think it up all on my own!)

So once a month I run carbon in my system... The process was basically prepare the canister and then put it down my sump and stick an extra pump inside the sump and plug it in.

This was simple enough but annoying as space in my sump is tight. Well I ended up adding an in sump bio pellet reactor and now space for the carbon reactor/filter is non existent. I needed a way to run the carbon that required no sump space. I got to wondering how I could do this via a siphon without risking a flood in a power outage.

So, what I came up with is this. I place the carbon reactor/filter on top of the tank canopy. For the IN side, there is a short tube that goes behind the lid down into the overflow box about 2 inches below the water level. For the OUT side, a longer tube runs down the back of the tank into the sump.

From there I simply sucked on the Longer tube to get the process started and VIOLA, a gravity fed carbon reactor/filter. The flow rate is PERFECT too.