Great article.


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Dr. Capman,

Thank you for your very informative and interesting article about lettuce sea slugs. They really are an amazingly beautiful animal. Although I have never come across a lettuce sea slug in any of my local fish stores, I would like to try to keep one down the road after my new tank has matured, if I do in fact find one available. Years ago in my 2nd reef system I kept a nudibranch that was a specie of Chromodoris, but it did not live long, and I have not attempted to try to care for a nudibranch or any other type of sea slug since. Also, thank you for that link to Sea Slug Forum. I didn't even know that existed. It's now bookmarked. :)


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Thanks for the compliment regarding the article.

The Sea Slug Forum does indeed have a lot of information and lots of photos, most of which I have yet to explore. It is a very nice site.