Green leather finger not opening up since 2 days


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I have 2 leather finger, 1 green and 1 brown. they both were next to each other and were growing pretty well since more that a month. suddenly my green stopped opening , thought as they were touching each other, the brown might be irritating it. so i removed it and glued it to a frag plug and kept it in an open space. but it never opened since 2 days......
My parameters:
Ph: 8.2
kh: 8
mag: 1200
no3: 5
nitrite and ammo: 0

here is the pic:




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Sometimes leathers do toadstool, devils hand and spaghetti close up for days to shed. It gets glassy looking all over then you see old skin shedding.......... a few days after tha leather gets bigger and pretty. Mine does this every 2-4 wks. whats your Cal


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It's sulking. Or shedding.

I wouldn't worry unless it goes on for a lot longer or starts looking worse. My recent leather sulked for three days when I took it off the rock it came attached too. I also have a Kenya Tree that has been doing spring cleaning for nearly a week now (which is a little annoying because it looks like a coral insert when shedding :lmao:).

With softies, unless they look like they are rotting give them time. They have their own quirks but they are pretty hardy.


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alright..... i was worried so glued it to a frag plug.... will that harm it? dint know about this...


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Gluing it won't harm it. Don't be surprised if the glue doesn't hold though. Unless a softie has some gravel or rocks that it attached itself to, gluing usually fails. If they have grabbed onto at least some type of substrate or rubble, gluing that works though.