Green Star Polyp won't open


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I bought some GSP almost two weeks ago and it still hasn't opened. It was open in the bag the entire way home from the LFS, and as soon as I put it in my tank, it closed up and hasn't opened again. I've moved it around in the tank, low light....high light.....low flow......high flow. No change. Is this normal for these guys? Or did I get a shy one?



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Everything is within normal parameters except my Phosphates. I've been having trouble getting them down, they are at 2.0. I'm running a phosphate sponge to try and get them down. Also, my salinity is a little lower than I'd like, it's at 1.023. I'm slowly raising it by topping off with saltwater. Do you think this could cause them to not open?


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yes, that is probably the problem. I think most corals prefer about.025.
It seems like a few people have this problem and just get one that doesn't like to open. another thing is they don't like to get sand on them.
I'd say besides raising the saliity, just leave it alone so it can settle inand maybe it will open eventually.
good luck!:)


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My GSP took a few days to open up. Then it would close up every few days...does it have dimples or if it smooth? any black spots?


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Thanks for the advice. I read somewhere that they don't like sand and debris on them, so I gently blow it off with my turkey baster every couple of days. I don't see any black on it, it is a gray color with dimples with a dark purple underneath it. Does that sound normal? How would you tell if it was dead?


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Not real sure if this is going to help you or not. But I mesed up a water change last week and the salinity level dropped to 1.021 and my polyps closed up and are just now reopening around the 1.0245 mark. I say that number because it is half between 1.024-1.025.

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Mine will stay closed for days, especially if they are moved even slightly in the tank. Moving from high to moderate light will make them take a while (perhaps days) to adjust. Mine seem to prefer moderate to low lighting. They do not like my 3 watt LEDs even if they are near the bottom of the tank.
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