Halide lighting questions

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Few questions for you metal halide users.
I'm trying to get my lighting set up for my 110g done. I'm also trying to get it done as cheap as possible while still being able to use whatever I get if I decide to upgrade.
The tank is 6' long.
If I'm to believe the ads for Spider reflectors they will cover the whole tank with two bulbs. Also I've read that the 12k or 10k bulbs look good without actinic support. Is this true? Would I be able to have just the two bulbs? I'd get the 250w and that would be 500w of light which should be plenty for my softies that I keep.

Anyone see any problems with this?

I haven't seen a 6' tank done with only two MH, but my bet is you're still going to have some shaded spots near the ends of the tank. I would go with three. You can go without any actinic supplementation with a 10 or 12k bulb. Depends on how you like the tank to look. I would have at least 1 or 2 actinics, even if they're only NO, just to give some dawn/dusk effect by having them come on before and go off after the MH do.


I basically agree with Fox, but I have a6 footer with only 2 MH's. To me this is a good opportunity to be able to have a larger variety of corals. You can keep sps's up high, under the MH"s Lps's and softies almost anywhere in the center, and lower light loving ones at the far sides, where my mushroom have traveled to anyway. It's all in what you're going to keep and how you want it to look!
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