Hardwood Floors


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My tank will be here in two days and will be placed in my living room. I have hard wood floors and wanted to know if i should lay something down for the tank to sit on it. Would be mostly a tank border and "water catcher" just wondering your thoughts....


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The tank is a 90gal Oceanic RR bowfront and the stand is the black ABS. I was wondering if I should lay something down permantly for the stand/tank when its setup in my house on hardwood floors


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Well if you put a rug under the stand and it ges soaked you will have to drain the tank to get it up. I would put a narrow rug in front of the stand, and if it gets wet you can pick it up until it is dry.


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Good thinkingk, somehow that slip my mind. I was thinking about a mat, like the ones they sell for treadmills and the sort....


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Do you have wood floors or laminate? Woods floors would be fine, may have a problem with laminate though.


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Our 75's reeked havoc on our hardwood floors and its only been there a year and a half. Some type of rubber mat might make a difference but I doubt it. The salt creep is a killer and it gets everywhere.....Not to mention water changes. I envy the guys who can do them without any spillage but ime I get some on the floor every time even with multiple towels on the floor.
I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread because I've had the same question myself.


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Mine is on the living room floor as well and IF I had to do it all over again would be the following:

The wall behind the tank will have water proof paint and be mildew proof.

Second I would cut out the carpet where the stand will be and laydown plastic then replace the carpet then place those plastic roll pads used for office chairs to roll on easier.
Then cut that to the shape you desire.

If money no object then cut out carpet and padding and laydown plastic then go to sears then buy the jigsaw puzzle type of plastic floor covering. Any of them would do nicely.

Really have free cash laying around then rip up carpet in the shape of the tank stand and just lay down tile.

Cheap mans version just lay down the plastic chair roller pad on the carpet.

Very doable yes? I think so!


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I'd pondered putting linoleum or some sort of water trapper under my stand to protect the hardwood. I'm glad I didn't, because I've had so many spills in different areas of the room that it would have moved under the linoleum mat and destroyed the hardwood floors. A movable mat or rug is great, but also keep your floors around the tank well waxed to protect against the salt and water.


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I have two of those mats from Foster & Smith... they're great! I put them in front of the tank whenever I'm doing maintenance, and they keep the floor dry. You can indeed spill a good half gallon of water on them, and it won't soak through.

It's nice not to have to worry about drips while you're working in the tank, and they don't bunch up like towels do.


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Most tank stand are bare bottom. No garuantee but placeing any one long sheet would only slow evaporation.It would be best to elevate the tank from small square wood blocks or similar for air flow under tank.And of course do everything possible to prevent overflows.Prefill tank in safe area and let sit a few days to check for cracks.And research any and all add ons before useing.

This from experiance.Im a certified water restoration tech.