Harlequin shrimp.


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I was in a pet store the other day and saw the most bizarre looking shrimp, a harlequin. I went home to read about it, and the particular book I read said that it would starve without eating live sea stars. That would surely fowl the tank, why would anyone keep such a critter? Does anyone have an experience with this shrimp? Such a cool looking crustacean... Will it eat anything else?


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pity, because they sure look cool. Expensive feeders. I think someone on RC is lucky enough to be able to snorkel for starfish to feed his harlequin shrimp.


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well u can get a chocolate chip frezze it and feed it bits of it, not muh more expesve than feeding fish frozin brine shrimp


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I heard that if you get a couple large stars the Harlequin will keep the herd of starfish feeding on litle bits of the stars, but the starfish will regrow the eaten part and the Harlequin will feed off another starfish, don't quote me on it, because i'm not sure exactly how it works


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Problem is they are not selective about the stars they eat. If you have any other starfish in your tank that you want, you don't want to add a harlequin. In my experiences with starfish, they don't regenerate so well or quickly. They seem to be prone to infection.