harlequin shrimp


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so new question lol I just added my first corals to my tank and 1 beautiful harlequin shrimp - corals seem fine - harley ... is ok.. but he is def not social - he has picked a corner of the tank and has barely moved in the last 3 days - not even to feed - we have 10 ish of the small asterina starfish in the tank and yesterday i basically placed one on the tank floor right in front of him... he did pick it up and eat it... but he is not actively going after them / moving much ... any thoughts ?
I've never owned one but have observed a pair in a friends tank. They also stayed on the sand bed in the open and fed on starfish that he bought and kept in the sump and would occasionally cut a leg off to feed to them. How do you plan to keep it in food after it eats the few asterinas in you tank?
I believe you will find that the harlequin will quickly go though those asterinas, if it's a healthy harlequin, and will then need to be fed starfish. I've never had a population explosion of asterinas, although they have been in every tank I've owned. I believe they will limit their reproduction to the amount of food in the tank, an explosion signals overfeeding. With a 10 gal I would have just picked them out when you see them if they bother you. I'd be ready to buy it starfish to eat or when it cleans your tank of starfish, be willing to find a fellow hobbyist to pass it onto or return it to the store.