Have frags of the following for sale and/or trade for equal value. Located near Palme


Wolverine's paw favia $50
Twin spot psammacora $25
Watermelon psammacora $25
Green/Pink Frogspawn single heads and multiples $25-$75
JF fruity pebbles monti $30
JF aquaman monti $30
JF outer space psammacora $30
JF Moonstruck leptaestrea $30
Darth maul favia/favites $50
CB Hell's Fire leptaestrea $50
Red/blue wilsoni frags & colony avail $50 frags colony $250
Orengi monti $30
Looney Tunes stylo $75
Bam bam zoas $20
AoG zoas (super bright strain) $20
Grafted purple/red war coral $30
Cinnamon polyps (huge & bright) $30
Limelight Hydno $20
JF Viper leptaestrea $30

Also have lots of high end mushrooms, jawbreakers, Uranium Bounce, OG bounce, Fire/Magic Carpet, BigR's Sunburst Bounce, Tequila Sunrise, Forest Fire.

Willing to trade for any coral I don't have of equal value. General crappy pic for reference but working on getting better individual pics.

Can ship but prefer local pickup.