Help! Added BTA too soon

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I have a new tank, it was previously set up for 3 months in my old apartment, I moved in June, and just reset the tank up this week. I have a 20 gallon nuvo fusion aquarium, 1 ecotech radion xr15, skimmer, purple caribsea life rock, live sand, biofilter in the back contains seachem matrix and zeolite, also running carbon mixed with zeolite from fluval. I am using red sea salt- the blue sps dominant kind. My tank is run with the neptune apex, temp I am keeping at 77.5-78.5 degrees F. My pH was 8.16 all day and dipped to 7.99 at night so I turned on the skimmer for oxygen increase. My ecotech radion light I have set on the AB+ template, but reduced the lighting to 10% for acclimation period which will ramp up to a total of 80% intensity in 30 days. I do have a nero 3 powerhead and a hydor koralia but I have them turned off most of the time, I only turn them on for a short period of time when the BTA is attached to the rock. Otherwise I just have the nuvo fusion return pump set at 8 and sometimes increase it to 12. My return nozzles are the spin stream nozzles for wider random flow.

I cycled the tank with microbacter start xlm and had dosed quickcycle (ammonia) up to 2 ppm. Within 3 days I got zero readings for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. So I decided to add 2 clownfish, but one of the clownfish was paired with an anenome. Anyways I put them in the tank and now I read that I shouldn't add the anenome until 6 months have passed. I did get an ammonia spike to about .5 ppm at 1 am after adding the fish at about 2 pm. I dosed seachem prime at 1 am and put an ammonia alert in the tank to monitor ammonia. I came back 2 hours later and the free ammonia is reading zero. I will redose in 24 hours if ammonia shows up again in testing. I am also being very careful with feeding the fish, I have frozen mysis I am feeding the clownfish. Anyways I keep reading about fluctuations will kill the anenome"¦ I guess I want to know how to keep my tank from fluctuating too much. Do I need to do more water changes more often? Do I just need to monitor ammonia and nitrite and nitrate closely? Should I be worried about CA and ALK fluctuations with red sea salt if I do monthly water changes with no corals? Any advice would be appreciated.