Help me save my gold torch


Hello all

Looking for advice on how to make this torch happy again. I have him for over a year and a half but recently it looks worse week after week.

water parameters tested yesterday:

Salinity: 1.025

MAg: 1500

Dkh: 8.5

Cal: 450

Nitrate: 2-4 or as close to zero as the test will show

Phosphates: 0.02

All the other corals including torches are doing well, I just cant get this one to be happy. I moved it multiple times, different flow, lights etc. Running out of the ideas.

thank you all for your help



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RC Mod
You might try moving it out of the current coming off the hammer. It takes a while for chemical antagonism to build up, but hammer is very aggressive in growth, and will want to be the only coral in the tank, which it can do very effectively. Best solution might to be to move it to qt with adequate light and calcium and let it recover. I started with a 3-head hammer and it fairly well took the tank---the original became basketball sized, and I was fragging so often I ran out of places to bestow it.