help me with light ballast


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I bought some 4x65 watt lights and it came with a odyssea ballst with 1 cord. So I cant have a timer of when actincs/daylights come on/off. Also the thing is crappy and my legs on it look like they are about to snap in half.

Anyone know where I can buy a ballast type thing for my lights with 2 or 3 cords to turn my lights on and off like coralife? Or do they sell one without lights. I cant find one anywhere!

I had a similar situation with a Helios 4x55 watt fixture that kept blowing ballasts. The regular hardware stores had nothing that would work. I ended up getting a pair of 2x55 watt ballasts from a local electrical supply store. I paid about $100 for the pair of them.

The wiring layout of the Helios didn't match what the new ballasts required so I had to rip the whole thing apart to rewire. In the process I ended up with what looked like a Frankenfixture... Overall I think the endeavor was a complete waste of time.

If I had to do it again, I would have scrapped the thing when I ran out of original ballasts. Or better yet, not bought the thing to begin with. On a side note the 2x55 ballasts work well on a retro kit so it wasn't a total loss.