Help Save My Brain!!!


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I have larger open brain that have lived happly in my system for about 1 year not well the other night the power head fell off and blasted one side of it all night . That one corner was kinda bad. I have notice that it has started to retract from the skelton on the other side now is there any thing i can do to save it??????

Also i have lost several corals over the last couple of weeks they were all lps one or two candy cane heads and a frog spawn head and 1 branch of a hammer. None of my lps's look to good lately i don't know whats wrong the cal and alk are in balance. I do have a very large toadstool in there could that be doing it???? The tank is a 46!!?!!
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Seriously, I have an open brain that has endured more fallen powerhead blasting--and sucking, anemone stinging, hair algae growing, light-on-the-fritz-for-weeks and other stuff than you can imagine. Just give it a little TLC and it should bounce back just fine. They are a lot tougher than you might think. It might look funny for a while but don't sweat it as long as seems to be stabilizing or getting better. It may never re-grow the skeleton from which it has receded but, it will grow up and out from there. That all depends on what species it is. Don't ask for specific names and characteristics-- I don't know them. What I do know is that some brains seem to grow out and attach, then up and out. Some seem to ignore bare skeleton and just grow up and out. Some do either depending on light and current. What kind of brain do you have? I have no earthly idea. I'm not a zoologist.

Bottom line, with decent care and maybe just a little babying at first, it will recover no problem. It may or may not ever look exactly the same but it will be healthy. My green open brain still has a "Jimmy Durante nose" on one end where an anemone stung the poo out of it 2 years ago. About 6 months ago a huge chunk of this "nose" fell off and it looks much better now. Overall it is healthy and happy.

Its this type
Just so i don't get in trouble that image is from foster and smilth i just hot linked it