Help ... sending unit fell into tank!


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I have a 22 gallon cube and was using a Pinpoint Thermometer and the sending unit fell into the rear compartment of the tank. I have no idea exactly how long it was in there ... but I would say max was 2 hrs.

I quickly pulled the unit out and this dark green liquid leaked out. The tank looked a bit cloudy as well. Upon disassembly the 2 AAA batteries looked fairly good with a TINY ammt of corrosion on the ends (barely noticeable)

A 5 gallon WC was promptly done. I also added a bag of carbon to the tank to help pull anything out. I also gave the skimmer a good cleaning to make sure its pulling as much as possible.

Everything looks perfectly fine except for what looks to be a little diatom bloom on the sand.

Should I be ok or is there something else I should do?


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do you have any inverts, how do they look?

i would have at least 10 more gallons ready in case anything starts to look bad.

good move on the carbon and skimmer.

if it's a fairly new tank, the diatom bloom would be normal. same with if you had any silicates in your water change. i wouldn't worry about that.

good luck!


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It sounds like you have the bases covered. The only possible other thing that I can think of would be to use poly filter to pull out any other unknown stuff. The sending unit would have a printed circuit board that could leach copper into the water, depending upon if the water got to it or not (it could be sealed - some are and some aren't)



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Inverts yes ... a cleaner, peppermint, and sexy shrimp, as well as the gang of snails. Again, everyone looks just fine (although the cleaner is hiding a bit, but he had a HUGE meal today and thats pretty normal for him). The sixline is still buzzing around the rockwork and the scooter blenny is doing his thing as well.

None of my corals look even the least bit affected so I figure thats a VERY good sign.

I would have polyfilter in there as well but when I made the emergency run to PetsMart for Carbon and the bag for it I totally forget to throw that in with it.

As for the circuit board ... that is the part that mainly stayed above water - maybe a small part got wet, but it was mainly the batteries