help with chaeto and maze brain


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I have some questions for anyone able to answer them for me.

Chaeto- I had a baggie of chaeto get consumed with GHA. I got rid of it due to it dying and after about a month there was no GHA anywhere (main, fuge). months later I added a bit of chaeto again and it doesn't look too well, I am going to try to leave the light on 24h now.

what could cause this. Phosban 150, 18w UV on 12h/day, 4 mangroves in sump, etss 500 on a 140 total gallons too big, filter sock?

also will a 24h light stress my urchin.

Maze Brain - I just got a green maze brain about the size of a fist and on the second night i noted under moonlights there was a small hole with a filter feeders glove coming out of this hole and in ( while feeding phyto to tank) , I thought cool but now the flesh is eroding away to the size of a pinkie nail exposing the skeleton

and what looks like a modifies skeleton forming a circle pointing to the center.

will this pest kill my sps or should I rid of him.