HI Everyone!!


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Now that I am settled in, I am in the process of getting my tank set back up. I am starting with a standard 120, I have my bother's stand and canopy my Dad built for him. I am going to get this tank established as I plan my large system (220+).

Today I spent an hour at Lowes getting all my plumbing parts and my first Marine Depot shipment arrives Monday. Today I also painted the back of the tank and put a fresh coat of polyurethane on the stand and canopy.

Not to sound like and Indian giver, but does anyone still have my Blue Tort and or Pink Milli I could buy back? Of the corals I had in my old tank those are the ones I would love to have frags of.

Glad to be back in the hobby, looking forward to hearing from all you guys.

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HI !! welcome back who ever you are

I guess everyone does not remember me, or is new within the last three years :). Anyway, I was the blonde guy from Sirra Vista.

Jan / Matt,

I am in Lawton OK, so if anyone has any of my old corals they want to ship to me I am willing to pay and pay shipping to OK.



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I can see if I can get some of your slimer back to you ed, I also have some red cap I believe came from you. Trying to remember who got more of the corals but I think Fliger in PHX got a bunch of your stuff via Mike when he broke down. Might start there with a PM.