How about that tank!!!


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At each meeting beginning at the last one (April), where there is a tank to see, the owner will be giving us a guided tour of their operating system and livestock.
Ben did a great job last month, and after his tour, folks had some questions about some whats and hows of his system.
Somebody (I believe it was Mike or Colin) had the great idea of a list of questions for the tank owner to cover about his/her tank.
What would you like to know about each system we visit?

What size tank?
What type of lighting?
What is your lighting cycle?


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Light types
Bulb Types
Bulb K rating (color)

Pump brands

Closed loop or power heads



How often
How much

Take care-
Water changes?
How often?
How Much?

what do you test for?
What do you dose?

What have you done wrong that you wish you could or will change?
(we always learn better from mistakes)

I can come up with enough questions to make each member write a book, I think... :)


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I think Bryan hit most of them, but I would like to add:

Filtration system -
What are you using?
Why did you go that route?

Anything you would change about your system?


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Lighting schedule
Temp range
Water parameters
And I second this one: What have you done wrong that you wish you could or will change?


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are you talking about just at meeting or are you asking for people input on thier tank on this forum as well?
This is so we can make a list of questions to answer for the person giving us the tank tour at the meetings.