How to clean front acrylic?


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Hello all,
I'm helping someone clean and maintain their 450 gallon tank. The front panel of acrylic has some tough deposits on it that a magnet won't get off. I'm trying to use a Kent acrylic safe scrapper, but I can't reach the front very well, and the scrapper handle isn't rigid enough to provide any strength. Any ideas on how else to clean this, or other scrapper devices? The only way to access the tank is from the rear of the tank. To even be able to see in the tank, gogles need to be worn. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.



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A rigid cleaning device can be fashioned by using a 1" PVC length with a slit cut in the end at about a 45 degree angle. A credit card can then be inserted into this for cleaning. Very rigid, as long as you want and acrylic safe.



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Will that scratch it at all? A friend of mine picked up one of those Kent scrappers and it leaves little scratches on his acrylic.


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credit cards are the safest.. but you really never want algea to get so bad that you need to use a scrapper..

thats funny... goggles...