How to setup: Spectrapure CSPDI 180GPD 4 stage w/ TDS meter


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I recently purchased the above RO/DI unit. I am trying to setup it up so that I can fill up my tank. I read the booklet that came with it twice and it doesn't mention step-by-step what I am suppose to do. I only know I connect the black tube to the IN port and to my tap water hose. But I don't know where the blue and yellow tubes go. Also do I need to do something before I can use this (i.e. flip the cartridges, etc.), or is it plug n play? Finally, how do I break it in, before I start using the actual water.

Sorry, total noob here :(


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Blue will probably be good water the other waste water. Hook it up and flush a few gallons threw and you will be good to do.


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Okay, after more readings and some youtube videos I figured out how to set it up. However, I am not able to get the ratio of waste vs product to 4 or even 3. I literally cut the whole restrictor off and although my ratio improved, it is can only reach 2.8.

Any help please. My TDS is at 0, which is what counts and I have started filling up my tank. But getting the ratio right is important to the life of the membrane.


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2.8 to 1 is close enough to 3 to be good. As your water gets colder, the ratio will increase, because the product rate will slow down but the waste rate will stay the same.

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