Humidity control


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What do you use for humidity control, so that mold isn't growing everywhere and your house is so damp that the drywall is coming down. I run seven tanks in my basement and the humidity is rusting my home heating system and it is also condensing betweeen my house and my exterior walls and the water is running back through the inside of one window.
I do run a dehumidifer in the basement, but it is set around 3 (out of 10). Also I don't want to have to put lids on all the tanks.


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u needto run a the dehu on full blast or get a bigger one. i am evaporating about 7-10 gallons a day in my system and my dehu collects a little more than that.


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also i window fan works wonders. some times just just opening a window is your best solution. but for days when humidity is high outside as well.......your just kinda defeating the purpose.
i read a thread somewhere on here about people taping into thier return duct to thier AC by putting in a simple vent and getting great results. youll have to ask around a bit because i cant for the life of me remember were i saw it.


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Maybee install an exhaust fan in a central location above the tanks. Vent it outside the house like a dryer vent. You could probably use an oven exhaust hood fan. I think most of all you need some more air circulation and exchange.


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I've turned up the dehumidifier, opened a window and put a fan in. We'll see how that goes.
Thanks to all