i feel like showin off


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so here's the highlights of my collection

black pearls

flash pic with triple reds

burt orange protopalythoa

salvage frag of acan lord

and last, but not least, for real super blues
Very sweet indeed! Time to frag yet? Are you going to bring any frags for the swap, I am just wondering. I am not into the zoos as I once was but I know alot of others in the club are! Well great pics anyway.


You may have a zoanthid eating polycheate worm. It's Eunid or something similar, can't remember and I don't have my books to reference. Shimek has some writings about it. Do a search. They can hang out unnoticed for years in a tank. They can get really big and ugly and nasty and show up in your dreams at night and then you can make a movie about it, and, and maybe get Sting to star in it - oh wait thats already been done --How's the pillow making thing going?

Thanks for the info. Now I'll have to get some betteries for my flashlight and sit up nights until I catch it...

Does this thing eat shrooms also? Those disapear on me also...

As for the pillow making... It is coming along, it's taking a lot longer than I thought. I am detremined to complete it!
I would agree it sounds like a eunice.
Vicious little $#*@)$'s. You'll know it when you see it, it'll be at least 2 feet long and have a mouth full of sharp claspers.