I made a Reef Controller - RIFT Machine


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Hello guys!
Kristian writing from Portugal here, after about 2 years of developing. This took a good while to develop and with time a couple of friends joined me. It is a long story but for now.. we are very proud to announce it! I will be leaving you with a video and a few paragraphs about it!
Monitor the pH and Temperature, and stay worry free as the RIFT Machine is always connected to the RIFT Cloud. With a webcam to monitor your fish, you can be sure everything is ok any time!
Connect the Peristaltic Pumps and Smart Plugs. Hook up the water level sensors and open a RIFT in your Reef!

Up to 6 Binary Sensors (Water Level / Water Detection Sensors)
Up to 2 Temperature Sensors
1 pH Sensor
Peristaltic Pumps:
4 Stepper Driver Peristaltic Pump Channels
Note: Channel 4 operates both pump 4+5 allowing you to connect a total of 5 RIFT STEP 1 Pumps
Antichemical interference mode
Expansion Ports:
4 EXP Ports
Each EXP Port can connect 1 Smart Plug or 1 Smart Strip with 4 Plugs
1x USB for Webcam