I miss my bimac, should I get a vulgaris?


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I'm back.

I haven't been hanging around this forum much because my bimac died a few months back.

So, I turned my tank back into a reef tank and I now have corals and several fish happily swimming around.

The only problem is that I really, really liked having an octo in my tank, and I want another one.

This time, I want a larger one - maybe a vulgaris? If I upgrade my 55 gallon tank to a 150 and keep the 150 a reef, what is the largest octo I can keep in my 55 and still find online? The only reason I ask, is because finding an octo the first time was hard, even for a bimac.

Any ideas?
Flying Fish Express sometimes stock Vulgaris. Check out the Ceph pages and look under suppliers they have a list of places that supply octopi and different species.:lol: