ich treatment


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So, my qt tank is fine, but my main tank has ich. In the tank is live rock and all those little things, one hermit....have not seen in two weeks, on large snail, one camelback shrimp and one scallop. NO fish. So I want to try and ris the ich out of the system 100% and I know copper is a bad thing? Anyway, what would you guys suggest. Don't want a uv setup. Was really trying to see if the solutions they sell would work or not. 75 Gallon about a third of live rock and live sand, no corals.
Without a fish to host, Ich will die off on it's own. You just need to allow it to complete it's cycle without any fish in the tank. Why do you not want to run UV to help/speed the process along?
have other things to buy for the tank (hardware wise) before the uv setup, so that is why I said that. I was just wondering more then anything. I will be moving to a new apartment come may anyway so I plan to just let it all run with no fish till maybe June or July?
Running a new tank a long time without fish is always a good idea. What makes you think you have ich in the tank without fish? I'm no expert, but from my study I don't think the parasites would be visible anywhere other than on infected fish. Also, I believe they are difficult or impossible to eradicate in their encysted form, and it's the health of the fish that determines whether or not they end up infected (but as with all infectious organisms they're more dangerous in large numbers and fish that are surrounded by infected fish are thus under proportionately greater threat). I would think if your fish are healthy in the QT and they acclimate well to the display they'll be fine. Bob Fenner does not recommend pre-emptive treatments. More (and doubtless better) information is available on WetWebMedia and other places.



Thanks for meeting up again. As for ich, I had it REALLY bad a month ago, so I know it's still there. I am just trying to figure out the best way to go about the solution as I am going to move the tank come may so it's not going to have fish in it for aa few months.
With no fish in the tank, the ich cysts that remain will hatch and be unable to find a host and DIE! Let the tank run "fallow" (no fish) until you move, then QT every fish. You shouldn't have the problem again.