ID please.


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Can anyone help please ID this clam for me.


Huge picture link.

You have opened a can of worm on yourself......

That clam has no where near enought light to survive long term. Even if you bought a "lowerlight" clam you still wouldn't have enough light IMO. That really needs Metal Halide to survive and thrive. I suggest you put it high as you can in the tank then either get more light or try and find it a new home. our it will slowly die

You really need too research before you buy a creature as this.
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He's probably got about 6 weeks to live under that light IMO, course, I'm a clam newb but I have been reading a lot. 20g tank you could probably go with 175 watt halides and be okay, I'd go with 250. You can get cheap retro kits on ebay or from Watch for temp spikes though, that 20 may be difficult to keep cool.
Thanks for the information guys. I guess that's the last time I trust the LFS guys. He said it would be fine and I specifically asked and gave dimensions of my tank and specs of my lights.

I've got a tank at work I could move it into, but am not sure the spectrum will be the best for it. I've read that this species needs a lot of blue, and I've also read it's better to put it under 5-6000K bulbs.

Would it do ok in a 44g pent (almost cube) with 1 250W 20000K MH?
Any advice on the 20k light?

Also, I find it kind of odd that 2 separate people told me it would do ok. One, of which had nothing to gain by saying so. Are they just misinformed?
That clam should do fine under the 20K 250.

As far as them being misinformed... they could be.
The LFS that sometimes carries crocea's in my neck of the woods keep them under a 40w NO bulb until they sell... sometimes for over a month. :eek: