ID this problem please.


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My Jawfish has been acting strange this morning. I've had him for 4 weeks now and all has been great. Yesterday, I noticed that his right eye is slightly cloudy. It is only the one eye. I also noticed a few weeks back that some of his scales look like they've been rubbed off. The area is white.

He is very active during the day and constantly digging. Today, he's swimming around which isn't usual. He'll go up to the surface and hang out on live rock.

Is he sick and what should I use to treat him with?



Thanks in advance.



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In addition, that jawfish is pretty skinny. The fact that it is out of its burrow is really bad. Are there any other fish in the tank that could be hassling it? I had one bluespot in a tank with two others look like that because one of the others was going after it.
Another possibility could be skin flukes. The fish is probably going to die if you don't do something, so it won't make things worse if you could catch it and give it a five minute freshwater dip. Put the fish back into the tank and then look carefully at the bottom of the container you dipped it in - look for tiny flukes, you may need a magnifying glass. Some will look like fish scales, others will look like shrunken up worms.
If you see flukes, and if your tank has other fish in it, you may need to consider dosing the tank with Prazipro.

Jay Hemdal