Innovative marine ghost skimmer


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My understanding is that it needs awhile to breakin. Depending on your tank, I use a sponge in the section between the skimmer and the outflow.


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I purchased one these about a week ago. It stopped producing micro bubbles into the display tank within a week for me which is a huge improvement over the older model which never stopped with the micro bubbles and I had to use filter floss to block the bubbles between the skimmer chamber and the return chamber on an ongoing basis. Seems to be a much better skimmer.


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I've had this skimmer over a month and still it is producing micro bubbles like crazy....what am I doing wrong? Has anyone had success? Maybe I have too much air coming in?


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Have you guys tried adjusting the knob and finding its sweet spot and rising and lowering the collection cup?


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I have two running, and they took about a week to break in. I would close the air supply and then open just enough to start, lowering the collection cup as needed. Also, make sure the pump is seated correctly below the bubble plate diffuser.


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Mine broke in at about 2 weeks. Soak it in Vinegar and wash it well. Adjust your Venturi valve as well. My Ghost had an oily coat on it when I opened it up at first.


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Just installed a Ghost in my Nuvo Fusion 20. Zooman can you expand on what you mean about the pump being seated correctly? I just plopped the skimmer in. Thx


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Having same issue as well. I am only on day two and micro bubbles everywhere. I hope it's just the break in period.


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im interested in a ghost skimmer as well for my fusion 20. the first gen sucks. can never control the micro bubbles. and the cup keeps getting over flooded lol


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I have the IM 16G with the desktop skimmer, i found that my skimmer was not fully assembled causing the micro bubbles to exit the skimmer into the tank.

All i needed to do was push the pump all the way into the skimmer body, now i have no micro bubbles.

hope this helps