Is my capacitor toast?


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My Sunlight supply dual 150HQI was acting funny - the lights didn't always light up right away, and the exterior would give minor shocks if I touched the wrong place, so I'm thinking salt creep = a little stray voltage.

So I called to see if it was under warranty (I just bought it used this summer) and it's not (built in Jan 2005, two year warranty). So I broke it open to clean it up and check out the situation. here's what I found. A small amount of salt creep, and this capacitor that doesn't look too happy. What do you think? Am I in for a new capacitor, or will it run like this?




The other one looks like this:



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I think I will be replacing it then!

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I just ordered 4 of the Tek reflectors for 13$...Thanks for the heads up!

Hey Rich...I'm glad the Sox got Gagne instead of the Yankmees!