is this a good powerhead???

They are a decent product, but they dont seem to last too long at the actual back and forth motion. My buddy has one and after about 6 months it decided to slow down alot.

HUGE waste of money. If you are looking into chaotic currents and not wanting to spend a lot, get a couple MaxiJets and a low end wavemaker. You will save yourself money and a headach ( because trust me you will end up replacing theses a lot sooner then you think )

The two I have in my 20g require me to take them apart every other week and clean them out so they don't jam. If you don't mind that kind of maintenance, go for it. I'll be switching to MJs very shortly.
There was a great thread on these under equipment. Big POS. First off, it is huge relative to its output. Anytime you put something with moving parts in a reef tank you have to know that it is going to get 'goobered' up and stop moving. I have one that I clean every 2 weeks. The output starts to fall off right after I put it back in the tank and drops to a trickle at the two week mark. Mine used to sweep for about 4 hours until stopping. I used to soak it to remove the corraline algae but have given up. Now it is just a huge underpowered powerhead. The only reason that I still have this monstrosity in my tank is that it is completely covered with corraline algae now so that I don't have to look at it and it is already paid for.
As a frame of reference: I clean my maxi-jet 1200's about every other month(when I'm motivated). They just keep plugging away even after getting pretty large amounts of 'stuff' sucked into them. I use a Red Sea wavemaker (a touch over $100) and maxi's. Some of the maxi's are pointed face to face to break up the laminar flow.
Max-jets are cheap and somewhat reliable on a wavemaker timer. I have a few in my 90 gallon, so even if you don't have the time to clean them often, they are $20 and under.
Go with the MJ's, those hav been known to stop workin.... not only that but they dont have very good flow rate/watt i believe
yes i will also agree with the people here. i had one and it pooped out on me (the back and forth motion) in a few days which was a shock. i took that POS back and got a cheap penguin 550 that was on clearance and it hasn't died on me nor given me problems in the last year.
I am going with the their a POS crowd. They add a lot of heat, have low flow and they never function properly anyway. They do a good job in small fresh tanks but wouldn't even consider them for salt. Much better small pumps out there.
I got three of those on a wavemaker about 5 months ago. Man I wish I got MJ's!! About 1 1/2 months later they all went TU. I don't even bother trying to make them work anymore because they are such a pain. Two of them now make the loudest noises when they start up, I think they are about to die.