is this skimmer any good?


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The Fission skimmer by current is the worst junk ever made. Buy a Sapphire or a Aqua C Remora and be happy.


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Agreed, piece of crap, never did ANYTHING for me. Except for micro-bubbles. I'm running the Remora and love it.


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thanks for the inout guys... probably gonna be either the sapphire or tunze....if i get a gonna try it without for a while...


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remora is crap.

I strongly agree with this statement. The first Skimmmer I ever bought was a Remora, and it absolutely sucked.


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I have a remora running on my frag tank and agree. The only skimmate it collects is in the neck of the collection cup. The skimmate in the cup is a light tint of green at best.