Is this what I need for lighting?


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I have a 90 gal. aquarium it is 60" long, and 17" deep. I want to be able to have anemones, and most coral. I am looking for a lighting setup that will take care of these needs. I have been reading a lot of the lighting post, but I guess I am just dense because none of it makes much sense to me. I have been looking at many light setups on line, because I live out in the country, so can't shop the stores. Would something like this be what I need - A Outer Orbit Pro Series HQI/T-5/LED Lights
60" w/529W, or do I need more or less wattage. Is there another lighting setup that is a better deal. It looks like this will run somewhere in the ballpark of $700.00. I would like to get something that will last, and I will be happy with for a long while. Any help would be greatly appreciated.