JBJ Nano 24 - take out sponge?

Ron Thomas

New member
I get the feeling that most people discard the large black sponge in the left chamber of the Nano 24 DX. Is that right? Replace it with live rock rubble?
i use one of the sponges in my cube.

It came with 2 so when i clean the sponge once a week i switch it with the dry sponge.

I have NEVER had any type of nitrate problem in my tank and it has been up over a year. I personally think that the sponge makes a good mechanical filter.
I agree. If you keep the sponge in check/washed out when you do water changes, you shouldn't have any issues. Cheato can even become a mechanical filter if you don't move it around from time to time and if you overfeed.
You shouldn't need mechanical filtration in a reef tank. How much are you guys feeding? As long as that sponge isn't colonizing aerobic nitrifying bacteria, it wouldn't be a problem.

It all boils down to your own particular reefkeeping habits. Sure, people can get away with using sponges when they maintain everything properly. But, again, if you have the need for mechanical filtration, there's something wrong.