Kessil H80 issue?


New member
I am trying to find out if it's my Variable port on my apex? the kessil cable? or something else.

The light won't go up or down and no color change through Apex

I tried both Variable ports V1/V2 and V3/V4

I have V1 H80COLOR 00:00 40% and what I read should be reddish color but whatever I try nothing.

I have V2 H80LEVEL 00:00 100% and 23:59 100% but whatever I do it dont change the intensity either.

I have it plugged into the input of the H80 Light. I am at a loss

Is there away to check with a multimeter the cable? And port? to try to see which it is.


New member
Ok I am getting 9V for pin 1+2 and 5+6

I used a ramp and voltage dropped to 6V so I am guessing the port is working so maybe the cable?