Killer Peppermint Shrimp

Big Blue

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I just recently bought a clam that is about 3" and two Atlantic anemones. On the second morning when I looked in my tank the clam was tipped over and I noticed that it had it's foot eaten off. I anemones that I bought also had a large portion eaten out of them. About a week has gone by and it turned out that the peppermint shrimp were eating the anemones alive. They just finished them off last night! I believe that they also eat the foot of the clam. Has this happened to anyone before and will the clam survive and grow back it's foot? I will be eliminating the peppermint shrimp from my tank, the trap was just purchased and will arrive any day now. I hope it works. Any other suggestions on how to remove them would be appreciated.
Hello Big Blue I taught it was only me, But I isolated a couple of small clam in a in tank refugium, because some thing had eaten one of my clam. I woke up about 2 am that night to check on my tank and what did I see in the refugium but the two peppermint shrimp I taught nothing of it. But the next day the one of the clams was dead. It was healthy the day before. I donââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t trust them. I have since gone to a bigger tank and my clams are doing fine now. I left the peppermint shrimp in the old tank. The peppermint shrimp were new additions to control on piece of Aiptasia, they ate that then I had a small anemone disappear. The Aiptaisa never bother anything I was just being couscous. If you can catch them take them out.
Pep shrimp killed my blue maxima. I hate pepermints. They get into all sorts of trouble. Maybe mine are just hungry? :(
I know you have a trap coming but i've had descent luck with a clear glass jar and some bait (usually a piece of shrimp) and just be prepared with a lid to remove them so you can take those killers to your LFS....

My cleaner and Peppermint will both dig into my two red open brain's to steal food. Funny, they stay clear away of the green carpet! Their not so dumb after all!