LED Assembly for Sale


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Hi gents, I put out before about selling my original LED setup but I never provided pictures.

It's 6' x 1' x 1' with 106 3w CREE LED's with each array being dimmable. There are 3 arrays total with approximately 36 LED's bolted into black anodized heat sinks. The LED's are alternating cool white and royal blue with 60 degree optics.

The entire set is within a pine box that is stained/sealed cherrywood red and has hanging hooks with glass shielding for the LED's to avoid salt spray. The complete setup is very powerful and can easily light/supply the appropriate PAR for tanks 180 and above. Alternatively, each array can be rewired separately if you wanted them on different tanks, etc.

I'm asking $ 800 for the entire setup which is approximately half of what it cost me to make it; however money plus frags/colonies would be acceptable also.

Drop me a PM if you're interested and here are the pictures: