Lighting advice from the experts please..


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I've ordered a Waterbox Frag 104.5 after being out of the hobby for several years.

I'm putting my equipment list together but I'm torn on the lighting options.

I'm going to be mostly Fish Only but may add a couple of LPS frags down the road (haven't decided on the LPS). I've narrowed my needs down to:

1) 2 - AI Prime 16 HDs with flex arms (not sure if I should go with the 12" or 18" flex stems). PROS; no controller need since they can be controlled via the AI app on a cell phone. Cost: 209/piece + flex arms 50/pair ~ $470 total.

2) 2 - Kessil A80 Tune Blues with flex arm. Have to buy the Kessil controller since they do not have wifi. Cost: 129/piece + Mini A series gooseneck 50/pair + Kessil Spectral controller-X 99 ~ $410 total.

Advice and PROs/CONs please?

Vinny Kreyling

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Take a look @ BRS TV on You Tube. They did reviews on almost all LED's.
Facts, figure, PAR & spectrum comparisons.
Very informative.


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Hey Vinny yeah I followed that series. But that took it to the extreme and was based mostly on PAR and $/PAR. I'm not overly concerned with the PAR performance. Was looking to see if anyone had either of those 2 lights that I'm interested in and could comment about them?


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So, at the risk of being self serving, I would say that if you're only doing fish only, with maybe some LPS later you could spend less than the high end brands you're considering.
The self serving part is that I have an item listed in the used equipment section that might work well, check it out.
Im not using the particular Kessils your looking at, but I will say that the A360X's I upgraded to have been terrific, so I will definitely vouch for the brand.