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Im after an ID for these 4 new SPS. Im also after lighting requirments fro them. I have areas in my tank i can place them with 200-500 PAR. let me know how much PAR each would need. Sorry about the bad pics. the first is pocilapora i assume.








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#1 is poccilapora, I have the same one. I believe Walt Smith distributes this variety. It requires a lot of light to keep the
pink color. The areas that are in lower light should turn Blue Green.
2, and 3 I am not sure
#4 is super blurred, but looks to be a Millipora of some sort.
From the pics on the Walt Smith site it looks like they call it the
Fancy Acropora, which is no help :)

If you bought these at the same time there is a good chance they
are all from there.
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Yeah wild. I'm really keen to identify the species of pic 2 so i know its correct lighting requirements.


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Yeah, that's a Beaut.
Wish I could be more help.
The closest I've seen is Granulosa, but that's not it because this
one has too many radial coralites I imagine. Also similar to
Acro multiacuta. If The main colony was tabeling you may have
A. solitaryensis.
Since your getting these wild, check this tool out.

Good Luck.
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It's all about the flow
What about loripes for #2? IME they have been very hard to keep in imported species. Id try low light and lots of flow for the first month or so, better to brown out and survive then to rtn from too much light...


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1. Pocillopora
2. don't know
3. acropra tenuis
4. acropora millepora

All of them would need bright lights to keep the bright corals. Especially the numbers 2 and 4 to keep the bright pink and yellow colors. Numbers 1 and 3 would need medium to high light.

Hope that helps.