Lighting Question


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I am fairly new to this hobbyu. I have a 130 Gal Oceanic tank. Current lighting is VHO 48" 110 watt with Icecap ballast. I was told that it is putting out 660 watts and that should be enought light for anythjing that I might want to put into the tank. As I read the threads here I get the feeling that the T-5 is a better light. My question is do have the correct light source or should I upgrade to the t-5 which will allow me to keep more including clams.
Depends on the depth of your tank. They say T5 is only good for 24"...BUT I've seen awesome clams THRIVE under T5s..what model IceCap ballast is it? You might be able to do a straight swap w/o buying a new ballast