Lighting questions


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Well i found some good prices and i was wondering what lighting you would recommend for a 20 gallon high would a pc 2 bulb 65 watt a piece work? or would a 36 inch 95 watt VHO work? give me your opinions please thanks so much:)
I'd go with a 250 watt MH light and maybe some PC Actinics to supplement it. Most clams such as Maxima and Crocea need higher lighting and PC's/VHO's just don't cut it. However, it has been done with Maxima's but I would not recommend keeping Crocea under lower lighting.

Heating issues may be a problem. So, keeping the water well moved, having a tall open canopy, and keeping fans inside the canopy all work well.

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It says retrofit as an upgrade or a custom job? Are they saying its just supplementary? Or are they saying you can do whatever?
Not sure what they mean by that. I guess you can have them make a retro-fit system for you, not sure though.

Check out a few other sites such as if you don't find anything MD.

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