Live Rock Instead Of BioBalls Question/issue


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So recently i have changed the bioballs in my 14 gallon nano to some live rock peices. Now the problem is that the water isnt hitting all of the live rock in the back, only the peices in the right side, and none on the left, what happens when this live rock goes dry from not being hit by water, and recomendations if this is an issue?


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What kind of tank do you have? I have a nanocube and its impossible from what I've seen for that to happen, so maybe its different for different tanks.

If its dry, it will not be effective as the beneficial bacteria has died from being out of the water.


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Get rid of live rock in back, serves no purposes other than to cause issues and collect stuff....put it back in front or get rid of. Live rock in tank is all you need for effective bio filtration. IMHO


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+1 on getting rid of the live rock in your filter chamber. Replacing bio-balls with LR rubble wasn't changing anything at all. And yes live rock need to be wet to be alive.

Good luck - happy reefing

Who started that trend to put live rock rubble in your filter chambers?


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If that is concerning you in the biocube, just add a bit more water to it. That's what I did for my back chamber, and the live rock definitely started to help. It brought down my nitrates, and it also cultured some pretty good pods. Enough to keep my sixline happy until he jumped over the side and devoured them all.