Live Rock stock


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i plan on making a trip over to your store somwhere within the next week... Do you all have certain hours in a week where you are open to the pulic or do I need to make an appointment to come in? I don't need much live rock but I wanted to get it from a reputable place. Oh yea, one more question ... When they say dry seeded base rock what does that mean?

P.S. I was hopin to come in around thursday or fri if u are open if not saturady would always be good
I do believe they are only open on Saturdays, to the public. I cant recall what hours. Im sure Richard will chime in to let ya know. Great place to buy from. You'll love it. Now im kinda jealous again. :rolleyes: :D


ya it does sound like a great place..... im so lucky to live fairly close to there. I live in Clearwater which is a little bit less than an hour away