Live Sand??!!!!


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looking to buy live sand this weekend to put into my new tank. making the water now RO/DI to mix with Instant Ocean Sea Salt.

was wondering, what brand of live sand should I get? I do not want to fine of a sand that will blow around or to big of sand. I want somewhere a normal grain of sand type that will stay put in my tank when circulation and pumps are on?

what do you think?

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If your looking to go with a "live" sand the best way to go is pick a type of sand you like and seed it with some sand from an already established tank. It will have more beneficial bacteria and maybe other critters than what your going to get from a bag off a shelf that has sat for who knows how long. Not sure what you consider to big but I choose the caribsea seaflor special grade. It seems to be a little bit larger grain but in my 20l with 2 koralia 425's it stays put and I'm happy with it.


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unless you are adding only dry rock, I think live sand is a waste of money. your sand will become live in a short amount of time.


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I used sand from reefrocks. It's a fine white sand that seems to have a bit of weight to it so won't get blown around as much as others I've used in the past and is relatively inexpensive...

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Do not use playground sand, it is typically silica based. It has sharp corners on it that may injure any bottom dwellers.

Any Aragonite sand will do. whether you get dry or "live" is up to you.


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Don't go with playground sand. I made the big mistake on trying to save money and my phosphates were always out of control and killed a lot of live stock in the process. Just spend the money on quality.


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Do yourself the favor and just get live sand Caribsea Fiji pink is very nice sand not too fine I have 30 pounds in my 30 gallon and 20 in my sump so 50 pounds a 20 pound bag is $21 at lfs well worth it 10 bags are around 13.99


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Caribsea seaflor grade works perfect for my high flow tank. perfect size. Fiji pinks not bad either, just a little smaller grain size