Looking for Chaeto


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Anyone have any chaeto they can bring to the meeting and give to Kevin Meade for me? I had surgery and can't make the meeting. I will take us much chaeto as anyone wants to donate.


I promised you some in the past and I'll stick to it. Be careful of what you wish for! I don't think Christine was expecting as much chaeto as I had given her at the last meeting! You want some halimeda as well?

I have a 70g fuge and I will take as much chaeto as I can get. I did a quick google on Halimeda, and that seems a good choice as well.

I will take what I can get,

Sure thing Mike. I'll pack a good sized bag of chaeto for you. Halimeda is nearly worthless as a nutrient export but it looks cool (IMO) although it is calcerous (i.e. will soak up calcium)... it changes from stark white to lush green throughout the course of a day so don't think its dead when it turns white. I'll get everything into Kevin's hands.
You won't be dissapointed! Jon really hooked me up at the last meeting and the chaeto's doing great :)

If possible, can anyone else wit hsome cheato chare a lil?

Im settign up a 10 gallon sump/fuge for my 29!

its almost done too!

thanks in advance!

I'll be bringing a few bags along with me although it would be easier if I had a head count so I could give everyone as much as possible. So far I think I am up to 5 people... Mike, Mike, HartfordWhalers, sequential and Cato...if I missed anyone let me know!
Christine glad to hear its doing well for you.