Looking for Coraline


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not sure if too far for you or i could meet you in manchester some night, but i could give your some rubble or some scrapings. let me know.


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How long has your tank been set up?
How much live rock?
Did any of it have coralline to start?
What are your levels like?

At about 6 months I had barely any around the tank, and started to use Kalk as my top-off and the coralline exploded. I'm still not really well set-up to use Kalk, but I'm doing the best I can until my water station gets done in the basement. :)


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Tank has been running for ten years, never had any growth. Got serious about husbandry about 4 months ago, don't use any Kalk at this time. Approximately 60 lbs of rock, no Coraline was ever transplanted into tank. I will be at conference if anyone wouldnt mind bringing a sandwich bag full for me to try.