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I had a bit of a break from the hobby, but am now looking forward to jumping back in. Right now I am thinking fish only and eventually looking towards some of the easier corals (until the addiction takes over). I am planning to convert my 125 back to salt. This is what I was thinking about stocking it with. I would love any and all feedback to include order of introduction and any compatibility concerns people might foresee.


My list:
1 Powder Brown tang (favorite fish)
1 Kole tang
3 to 5 Ignitus Anthias or blue green chromis
1 pink spotted goby
3 pearlscale butterflies
2 ocellaris clownfish and one bubble tip anemone.
1 blue spotted or Valentini puffer
1 coral beauty or flame angel
3 to 5 camel shrimp or sexy shrimp
1 chocolate chip starfish
1 red linckia or Red Sea star.

Obviously A clean up crew once the tank is ready. Was looking at the reef cleaners package.

I am a big fan of the color variety of a lot of these fish.
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People will tell you the Powder Brown really needs at least a 180 gal, but I think you'll be fine. The starfish you have picked out typically don't survive long-term.


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Don't get inverts above what food your tank can NOW provide. Hermits and snails at first. DOn't know this puffer's habits, but the ones I know would have lunch on fish fins. And butterflies are notoriously hard to feed and prone to die on you. Be sure your tank is providing what they graze on. For the rest, granted you have good swimming space, I'd start with the easiest, proceed to the next, and install your bossiest fish last. As your tank matures you may be able to feed the more delicate ones.


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Definitely plan on taking my time and assuring there is enough food for them to eat. The puffers I chose were listed as peaceful and do not get anywhere near as big as say the dog face or Stars and Stripes. I really appreciate the advice on the order of species introduction. Thanks.


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Mmmm, wait. Peppermint shrimp, not camel shrimp if you have corals or anemones. Camel shrimp tend to pick at and annoy same. Peps can be a pain, but generally no worse, and will go after all but one aiptasia if you have any turn up. I swear the creatures 'farm' the last one to get tasty babies.