Looks like superman monti! Is this the real deal?


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Got this monti bleached and half dead.

Now it looks like this.........


Looks really like superman monti to me. Is this the real deal?
send a DNA sample to middleton mark :) (joking)

looks good to me... pedigree or not, its a keeper
Looks like a nice Montipora danae.. blue with red polyps.. Awesome piece. It might be identical to the superman but the Superman is a common name given to one guys corals and the frags thatcan be traced back to it.
Thanks for all the replies guys.....:)

Ya it arrived at the LFS in really bad condition. No blue except a tinge of it on the growth edge and a small patch on the side. But the polyps showed great potential even at this stressed condition, that's why I decided to risk it. It did turn out real nice.

Why I asked was because mine have very pronounce bumps in between the polyps, much more obvious than most superman I see on RC. Even the piece posted by clkwrk shows less pronounce bumps than mine. Is it due to flow conditions?
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Great score, if you do not mind what did you pay for it?

Hi Brewen,

I'm from Singapore so the price of the coral might not be very representative of those you see in the States.