LR cost ???


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Ok I am in the market for some live rock best and most for my money. on a budget right now looking to spend 100 +/- so if you guys could help me out. if you know were to get it and how much it will be total with shipping. i have emailed many sites and they dont want to deal with me because i am asking for a total price and they say i have to place an order first.

Your best bet is to look for local reefers getting out of the hobby. You can usually get it for $2 - $3 lb and you get to see what it looks like.
the main problem for you getting it online will be the shipping. most places only ship overnight. thats $40-$60 right there. i would look around your area for some clubs, or other reefers, and see if they had some to sell.
Pricewise, online will be your best bet. However, it might be beneficial to check with your LFS. One, establishing a good relationship with them can help you out in the future, especially if say you had an emergency while out of town, they will be more willing to help someone who has good relations going with them. Also, the LFS where I just bought the rest of my LR at only charged me for up to 20 lbs. They said most people don't buy that much at once, and even let me just pick a few rocks out free of charge that I liked. I ended up leaving with approx. 35 lbs of LR, and only paid for 20. This might not be the case everywhere, but it's worth a shot. They also might give a discount for "bulk" buys, i.e. $4/lb for 20 lbs, or $3.50/lb for more than 20 lbs, etc.

If all else fails, you could buy part of your rock online and part from a LFS. One more bonus is that you get to handpick from the LFS, since you know best what will look good in your tank and what will fill that one spot that you just aren't quite happy with yet! :)
hey guys thanks alot im going to be going out this weekend and looking around. i have alot of stores around me ill spend the day talking to them all. then ill make my desision monday and proble order some online and get some localy. thanks for your help.
My LFS said that he orders 50lbs boxes and that If I pay for 50lbs. he will oder (2) boxes and I get to open boxes and have first pick on the first 50lbs. and he will keep the rest so I did it and got great lookin rock for my tank...
i got some from them.. good shipping prices.. 4.50 lb for cured figi rock.. i got mine some really nice stuff on it.
Its been some time since I last checked these guys out, but they used to have killer prices on live rock and shipping...its worth a look.